Learning Community Ambassadors


Learning Community Ambassadors (LCAs) are students who have lived in a Learning Community and are willing to share information about their experience with interested people. Each LCA is a great resource who can answer the questions you have. They look forward to you contacting them.

You can also shadow a LCA during your Husky-For-A-Day visit, or connect with them at UConn Open House events.

Business Connections House

Jessie Gu

Lauren VanFossan Headshot

 Lauren VanFossan



Peter Fahey

Heather Lewis




Delaney Meyer

Engineering House

Eliana Berney

Vicka Blair

Kylie Kearney

Jessica Primiano


Cassandra Rossetti

Anna Tobiasz

Eurotech House






Global House

Richmond Apore Headshot

Richmond Apore


Kafre O’Connell

Human Rights & Action House


Gauri Verma





Humanities House

Meggy Adorno Headshot

Meggy Adorno

Sydney Fowora Headshot

Sydney Fowora

Samantha Colon
Allison Rosaci Headshot

Allison Rosaci

Amber Smith

Innovation House

Myranda Edwards


Thalia Fuentes



Leadership House

Andrew Boudreau




Emily Castagna Headshot

Emily Castagna





Pavan Iyengar

John Leonard

Nursing House

Julia Christolini
Kamna Desai HeadshotKamna Desai

Emily Mankus

Samantha Marquardt Headshot

Samantha Marquardt

Pre – Pharmacy House

Roodline Bertrand Headshot

Roodline Bertrand


Caitlee Callahan


Madeline DePinho

Anna Prisco

Leanne Varga

Public Health House


Eduardo Abreu

Grace Lo Headshot

Grace Lo

Juliana Jacoboski

Marie-Claire Meadows


Roderick Samuda

Jakwan Simmons Keyshaun Webb

Women in Math, Science & Engineering (WiMSE) House

Anna Ardizzoni Headshot

Anna Ardizzoni

Sarah Horbury Headshot

Sarah Horbury

Sarah Rumsey Heashot

Sarah (Sadie) Rumsey

Rachel Wolther

Frances Yu