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Learning Community Executive Council

The LCEC was developed to help ensure that the goals and learning outcomes of the Learning Community Program are being executed at both the programmatic level and within each Learning Community. The goal of the LCEC is to work with the Learning Community Program office to oversee the Learning Community Student Leadership Consortium, develop programming to help enhance the experience of Learning Community students, work with individual Learning Community Teams to support their programs, events, and field trips and to support the Learning Community Program office to run events, programs, and training.  Examples of projects and events coordinated by the Learning Community Executive Council can be found below.

Learning Community Executive Council Application 2017-2018

2016-2017 Learning Community Executive Council

Richa Jain
LC: Innovation House
Major: Biological Sciences
Year: Junior
Joel Thomas
VP Community De
LC: Business Connections House
Major: Finance & Economics
Year: Sophomore
  Sabrina Harrison
VP Administration
LC: Public Health House
Major: Allied Health Sciences
Year: Senior
 Amy Hetherington-Coy
 VP Student Leadership
LC: WiMSE House
Major: Biology & Secondary Education
Year: Junior
Juliana Jacoboski
 VP Student Recruitment
LC: Public Health House
Major: Spanish & Biology
Year: Junior
Alex Hu
 VP Marketing
LC: Leadership House
Major: Communications
Year: Senior
Riley Pflomm Headshot Margaret Balogh Headshot
Riley Pflomm
 VP Operations
LC: Public Health House
Major: Physiology and Neurobiology
Year: Senior
Rima Viradia
 VP Enrichment
LC: Engineering House
Major: Biomedical Engineering
Year: Junior
Maggie Balogh
VP Social Affairs
LC: Community Service House
Major: Psychology
Year: Senior

Examples of Learning Community Executive Council Coordinated Events and Projects:

  • Learning Community Student Leadership Consortium
    • An opportunity to connect all Learning Community student leaders from across all 19 residential LCs to network, collaborate and share ideas.
  • Learning Community Research Connections
    • This event is directed towards first and second year LC students that are interested in learning more about research and how to get involved on campus.  There are a little over 20 different researchers available to talk with students about their research, provide advice on how to get involved, as well as even provide students with research opportunities.
  • Learning Community Spirit Week
    • A week long competition among Learning Communities designed to end the year by awarding “The Most Spirited Learning Community”.  The week is full of themed days, fun events and other ways to get involved and meet students in other Learning Communities.
  • LCTalks Event
    • Similar to a TedTalk event, students come together to share their thoughts and ideas on topics important to them.
  • Learning Community Showcase
    • This is a Learning Community Open House help during the April Admitted Student Open House for prospective UConn students to learn more about the LC Program.
  • Learning Community Field Day
    • The council assist with the annual Learning Community Field Day event by helping to select games, setting up the event, and running/coordinating games during the event.
  • Social Justice Events
    • The council plans a social justice type of event each semester, which usually includes a guest speak or panel on a current issue topic.
  • Learning Community Kickoff
    • Members of the council are often asked to speak at this annual event and they also provide assistant with the set up and break down of this event.