Learning Community Testimonials

Learning Communities are many things!
Chris: Being in an LC is the sole reason I have any friends from UConn. The leadership opportunities and academic resources are great, but these would mean nothing for me if I didn't have people on campus that I could talk to, hang out with, destress with, and just have a good time with.
Ivanna: The Public Health Learning Community has allowed me to become a much more outgoing person and to really take any opportunity that comes my way. Coming to campus I was definitely overwhelmed with everything around me and now as a second-year student I find myself getting involved in everything that interests me and ultimately meeting amazing people along the way!
Sean: I joined the Leadership Learning Community because I wanted to be around other leaders at UConn who would share their diverse perspectives and push me to be a better leader and person. The LLC really is a family.
Jamie: I chose to be in WiMSE because it provides me with an incredibly supportive network of women in STEM. I always have someone to turn to, whether it is a friend, classmate, instructor, or director of the LC.  I have been able to make connections with so many intelligent and talented women in STEM who have helped me prosper. I think the community is just as strong virtually as it had been in person, and it continues to get stronger every day. Being in WiMSE has helped me grow, not only academically, but personally as well.
Adrian: Public Health House is a bigger LC so you get to meet so many different students. My LC experience opened so many doors for opportunities and connections for my career goals as a student on the pre-dental track!
Aliza: I am extremely grateful for the time I spent as a part of the Nursing Learning Community. The LC helped me become the type of student that believes in myself and my abilities, all while making my best friends. The connections you make as a part of this community will stay with you for the rest of college or even your life.
Matt: Being a member of the BCLC has been an amazing experience for me. I have met many great people, have learned a lot and participated in many fun and informative events. If you are looking for a way to enhance your college experience, meet new people, explore your interests, and learn new things, I would definitely recommend joining a Learning Community!
Adele: The Learning Community has given me a place at UConn. When I chose to come to UConn I was hesitant about it and I wasn't sure I wanted to stay. However, a turning point for me was when the FYE Mentor of my UNIV class reached out to me and thought I would be a good candidate to be an FYE Mentor for the next year. From that simple thing she did, I felt for the first time that I was actually making an impact by being at UConn and I wasn't just another student in the large sea of students at the university.
Floyd: The most valuable social and residential experience of being in my LC is getting to know the people that I did and forming those relationships. The people I have met and now call my friends have opened up many new worlds through our interactions. And played a role in who I am now and will continue to become.
Ben: [Learning communities are] a great way for me to continue to be around the arts even if I’m a biology major. It’s also fun to talk about the things you like with others and a good way to relax when your other classes are to much.
Aria: The social experience was wonderful! I formed a solid and supportive group of friends and the journey of nursing school is easier to manage with them by my side. The most valuable thing is truly the support you gain from those around you. Going through college has ups and downs, so living in a community that can understand the challenges you are facing has immense value.