Learning Community Student Leadership

Learning Community Ambassadors:

Learning Community Ambassadors (LCAs) represent the LC Program at various prospective and current student recruitment events.  Responsibilities include speaking with prospective students and families, faculty and staff, and the broader University Community about all of UConn’s Learning Communities and the unique opportunities they offer. Through training, meetings, and leadership opportunities, LCAs will develop professional skills such as public speaking, networking, and resume writing. Any undergraduate student who has experience living in a Learning Community may apply.


Learning Community Executive Council:

The Learning Community Executive Council (LCEC) is comprised of undergraduate students, nominated by Learning Community Team Members, First Year Programs and Learning Community staff, or other UConn faculty and staff.  The LCEC was developed to help ensure that the goals and learning outcomes of the Learning Community Program are being executed at both the programmatic level and within each Learning Community. The goal of the LCEC is to work with the Learning Community Program Office to oversee the Learning Community Student Leadership Consortium, develop programming to help enhance the experience of all Learning Community students, work with Individual Learning Community Teams to support their programs, events, and field trips and to support the Learning Community Program Office to run events, programs, and training.


Learning Community Floor Mentors:

The Learning Community Floor Mentor role will assist in fulfilling the mission of the Learning Community Program as well as ensuring the success and supporting the initiatives of their respective communities.  Mentors will be a resource to Learning Community students, provide advice and support during their transition, and be a positive role model.   Floor Mentors will work in collaboration with all members of the LC Leadership Team including; directors, support team- instructors, staff, graduate assistants and hall directors, as well as other student leaders- resident assistants, FYE mentors and other floor mentors.  Floor Mentors commit to living on a floor within their Learning Community throughout the duration of their role in the community, along with other requirements. For more information and to apply click here.


Learning Community FYE Mentors:

Many Learning Communities select mentors that participate in the FYE Mentor Program here at UConn.  This role includes a 3 credit EPSY 3020 course, as well as participating in and helping to facilitate the weekly LC UNIV 1810 course, among other responsibilities.  LC Mentors also have the opportunity to live in their Learning Community and acts as a resource and a leader to the other students.


Learning Community Resident Assistants (RAs):

The Resident Assistant (RA) is a student leader who contributes to and supports the educational and personal goals of resident students. The RA also facilitates the development of a vibrant and positive living environment in on-campus housing. The RA promotes the educational, social, and cultural development of the student outside of the classroom, communicates expectations and addresses issues of student conduct, and provides programmatic opportunities. RAs within the Learning Community Program contribute to the success of their community by developing programming and other opportunities for students based on the overall mission of their specific community.


Learning Community Student Leadership Consortium:

The Learning Community Student Leadership Consortium (LCSLC) has been developed in order to provide additional support to all student leaders within the Learning Community Program.  The LCSLC is an opportunity for LC student leaders to meet monthly to discuss topics related to their roles in their LCs, collaborate with other leaders, and to gain a better overall understanding of the mission and learning outcomes of the Learning Community Program.