Modeled after the famous TED Talks, Learning Community students and faculty will be selected in advance to speak at this event about their stories in short, entertaining, thought-provoking talks which will reflect the diversity and resilience displayed in our collective and individual experiences. 

Anyone part of UConn's Learning Communities ecosystem is invited to apply to speak at LC TALKS, including student members and leaders, graduate students, professional staff, and faculty.

Thank you to everyone who attended LC TALKS 2021!

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This event was part of Jonathan's Challenge

Our LC TALKS 2021 Speakers

When Griots Gather in America Gideon Ampeire and Carl Dean SSS
My Story My Resilience Dr. Starke ISS
Redefining Cultural Stereotypes and Creating Success Sage Phillips
Making the Ground Stronger Mutual Aid and Resilience Nell Srinath
Fortitude Finding Strength and Meaning in Life's Struggles Christina Tomaselli
Happiness in My Failed Childhood Dream Marissa Macaro


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