Experiential Benefits

       Students are provided with meaningful opportunities outside of the classroom to build upon the core academic principles discussed in their Learning Community courses. Through experiences such as networking events, off-campus trips, study abroad, and undergraduate research, students develop:

  • an increased level of participation in a global society
  • an enhanced cultural competency
  • an increased environmental awareness
  • an enhanced understanding of human rights and equality

       Through the exclusive early access to experimental learning, Learning Community students are prepared for success in their personal, academic, and professional lives at UConn and beyond.



Cultural Competency, Environmental Awareness, and Participation in a Global Society: 

  • Students will be competent in understanding other cultures, and interacting effectively with people from cultures other than their own
  • Students will be able to describe their connection with local and global ecosystems, and the impact of their lifestyles on those ecosystems
  • Students will be able to articulate what it means to them to be a responsible participant in a global society




Human Rights and Equality: 

  • Students will be able to express their own values as they relate to human rights, equality, privilege, and oppression
  • Students will be able to describe a variety of ways that their choices and lifestyle are related to the rights and lives of others who live nearby and around the world





Undergraduate Research: 

  • Students will be exposed to research opportunities normally reserved for upperclassmen within their first and second year, giving them the chance to make the most from their time at UConn  
  • Students will engage in research through their Learning Community courses




Examples of Experiential Learning

  • Service learning
  • Film screenings
  • Access to global climate change conferences
  • Connection to UConn Cultural Centers
  • Industry expert visits
  • Participation in global forums and human rights events

    Spring Valley Student Farm

    The Spring Valley Student Farm is an extension of the EcoHouse. It provides an opportunity to learn about organic farming through applied learning while also providing a residential living option with additional independence and responsibility appropriate to returning upper-class students.