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Learning Community Ignite Campaign:

FYPLC has an outreach across all disciplines and all students of any semester standing, assisting in retention and the graduation of students from the University of Connecticut. With an array of courses, a network for personal support, interactive online resources, and unique living/learning experiences, First Year Programs helps new students at the University of Connecticut achieve success from the start. The FYPLC reaches out to all students who are enrolled in UConn with 80% enrolled in an FYE class, 40% living in a Learning Community, and thousands of students associated with the Academic Achievement Center.

Donating to the FYPLC ignite fund is providing innovative new programming and resources such as: first year international opportunities, state of the art technology, contemporary guest speakers, immersion learning, and service learning.

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Learning Community students engage in educational activities, field trips, service-learning trips, and study abroad opportunities that provide a rich context for them to bring back to campus and into their classroom and residential life.

Many of these activities are provided to students free of charge, while others carry with them a cost which can range from twenty dollars for a trip to a museum to several thousand dollars for a student to travel abroad at the end of their first or second year of college.

If you would like to make a tax-deductible contribution to make it possible for us to provide more activities and to make them more affordable for students, please contribute electronically through the UConn Foundation.


We greatly appreciate your support of our programs and of our phenomenal students.