Learning Community Executive Council

2021-2022 LCEC

The Learning Community Executive Council and their LCC Committees will be an authentic student voice advocating to ensure the Learning Community program creates a

cohesive ᛫ supportive ᛫ vibrant ᛫ diverse ᛫ inclusive ᛫ and engaging experience

for every member, building a network of positive support which will provide wraparound impact and spaces for individual growth.

The LCEC and LCC Committees will prioritize:

  • Equity, innovation, individual outreach & relationships
  • Cross-collaboration and interaction by being open to getting to know all members of the team
  • Collective contributions to Learning Community wide initiatives by actively volunteering for any LCC programs we will offer
  • Curiosity and celebration of individual Learning Communities’ identities and values

Scroll down and click on names to view more information about each LCEC member and their office hours (coming soon)!

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List of People
Aria AhmedAria AhmedLCEC Diversity &
Inclusion Chair
Nursing House
Jody KungLCEC President
Business Connections House
Eva QuigleyLCEC Innovation Chair
Innovation House
Julie ReidyLCEC Recruitment Chair
Leadership House
Alexa SansonLCEC Social Affairs Chair
Public Health House
Jackie SerasLCEC Vice President
Business Connections House
Mehak SharmaMehak SharmaLCEC Enrichment Chair
Global House