LC TALKS 2023 Finding Your Purpose March 7 in the Student Union Theatre at 6:30pm Call for speakers application closes February 6

Modeled after the famous TED Talks, Learning Community students, faculty, and staff will be selected in advance to speak at this event about their stories in short, entertaining, thought-provoking talks which will reflect the diverse identities and resilience displayed in our collective and individual experiences. 


Speaker application is due February 6: Anyone part of UConn's Learning Communities ecosystem is invited to apply to speak at LC TALKS, including student members and leaders, graduate students, professional staff, and faculty.


Doors open at 6:00pm with the formal program to start at 6:30pm.

Our LC TALKS 2022 Speakers

The 2023 speaker lineup will be announced in late February!

Isabella Blasi

"Sanctuary of Stars"

Isabella Blasi '25 (she/her)

Leadership House

Psychological Sciences

Sean Farren

"Progress Isn't Linear:

Learning to Love Yourself One Day at a Time"

Sean Farren '24

Business Connections House

Management Information Systems

Kavya Ganugapati

"Rare is Beautiful"

Kavya Ganugapati '22 (she/her)

Public Health House

Allied Health Sciences

Lyndall Goudemond

"The Cinderella Effect"

Lyndall Goudemond '22 (she/her)

Transfer Connections House


Jody Kung

"If You Didn't Know"

Jody Kung '22 (she/her)

Business Connections House

Management Information Systems


"The Story of Two Boys"

William Longo '25 (he/him)

La Comunidad Intelectual


Amit Savkar

"AIM: Access, Initiative, and Motivation
A Holistic Perspective with LCs"

Dr. Amit Savkar (he/him)

Faculty Director, Innovation House

Sara Vaz Djassi

"Perfectly Imperfect in My Own Skin"

Sara Vaz Djassi

Graduate Assistant, Global House

MS Candidate, Sport Management


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