LC TALKS 2023 Finding Your Purpose March 7 in the Student Union Theatre at 6:30pm Call for speakers application closes February 6

Modeled after the famous TED Talks, Learning Community students, faculty, and staff will be selected in advance to speak at this event about their stories in short, entertaining, thought-provoking talks which will reflect the diverse identities and resilience displayed in our collective and individual experiences. 

Thank you to everyone who attended LC TALKS 2023!

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Anyone part of UConn's Learning Communities ecosystem is invited to apply to speak at LC TALKS, including student members and leaders, graduate students, professional staff, and faculty.

Doors open at 6:00pm with the formal program to start at 6:30pm. A Livestream link will be available here the day of the event for anyone who cannot attend in-person.

Our LC TALKS 2023 Speakers

Brad Wright Headshot

"Why Having 'A' Purpose Is Not Enough"

Bradley Wright, PhD

Professor of Sociology

Allie Davenport Headshot

"Embrace Curiosity in Your Pursuit of Novelty"

Allie Davenport '24

Innovation House

Management Information Systems

Linda Tran Headshot

"It's Not Your Path, But It's Mine"

Linda Tran '26 (she/they/he)

Global House

Fine Arts

Nick Delaney Headshot

"The Journey to the Authentic Self"

Nick Delaney, EdD (he/him)

Engineering House

Assistant Director of Student & Faculty Engagement, School of Engineering

Linda Figueroa Headshot

"Journey Within"

Karina Figueroa '23 (she/her)

Transfer Connections House

Psychological Sciences

Josh Brown Headshot

Special Performance

Josh Brown (he/him)

Director, ScHOLA²RS House

Brian Ozenne Headshot

"Feels and Flows of Change"

Brian Ozenne, Jr '23 (he/him)


Human Development & Family Sciences

Robyn Maytas Headshot

"The World Ahead"

Robyn Maytas '25 (they/them)

Transfer Connections House

American Sign Language Studies

Sravani Prekki Headshot

"Why It's Okay to Not Have Purpose"

Sravani Prekki '24 (she/her)

WiMSE House

Physiology & Neurobiology

Jeffon Stubbs Headshot

"Wipers, Headlights, & High Beams: Driving Your Way into Purpose"

Jeffon Stubbs

Alumni Quad

Residential Life


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