Regional Campus Learning Community Opportunities

Stamford Campus

Business Connections Non-Residential Learning Community

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The Business Connections Learning Community (BCLC) launched in Stamford in the fall semester of 2018. The BCLC Stamford provides UConn School of Business students with unique ways to expand their business knowledge and skill set. The community presents ongoing special opportunities to network with School of Business alumni, faculty, staff and like-minded students. In the BCLC Stamford, we provide students with constant exposure to alumni through our annual Networking Forum, various field trips, and our Lunch & Learn Series. We also encourage interaction between members through our committees. Committees allow students to bond over their more personal interests. The community is only offered to freshmen and sophomores that are enrolled in the School of Business. Other highlights include:

  • Accelerated learning in business fundamentals through a series of 1-credit courses
  • Alumni, faculty & staff connections throughout the program
  • Case Competitions
  • International Business Immersion Trip
  • Leadership Opportunities
  • Student-Hosted Activities and Events
  • Our very own BCLC Stamford Lounge
  • Access to a Bloomberg Terminal
  • La Comunidad Intelectual Residential Learning Community

    More information coming soon.

    Men of Color (MOCX) Experience

    More information coming soon.