Learning Community Spirit Week

LC Spirit Week Sept 19 to 23

How it Works

Every day from September 19-23, you can complete challenges which help your LC earn points towards your final Field Day Score! On this website, we will open a daily Google Form where you can submit your contribution to the challenge.

The higher percentage of your LC that participates, the greater the points added to your LC teams' score card(s) on September 25.

> 25% LC Participation = 5 Points

>50% LC Participation = 10 Points

>75% LC Participation = 15 Points

Check out some ways you can complete bonus challenges below!

Spirit Week Leaderboard WiMSE GH PHH

Challenges by Day

Monday the 19th: LC Pride Day

Wear your LC shirt

Challenge: Take a picture with someone in a different LC!

Tuesday the 20th: Husky Pride Day

Wear your favorite UConn apparel!

Challenge: Take a picture with a husky or a Jonathan somewhere on campus!

Wednesday the 21st: Wellness Wednesday

Challenge: Take a picture or video of yourself doing a self-care routine!

Some ideas for things to do:

Thursday the 22nd: Twin Day

Twinning Thursday, anyone? Dress up to match a friend in your LC!

Challenge: Take a picture with your twin...double points if you both submit your photo!

Friday the 23rd: Feel Good Friday

Challenge: Share something you love about your LC on Instagram and tag @UConnLC (or DM us your post if your profile is private)!


  • Post on social Monday-Thursday and tag @UConnLC (or DM us your post if your profile is private)
    • A picture or video your LC Faculty Director
    • A picture or video in the UConn Innovation Zone
    • Anything else to hype up your LC during Spirit Week!
  • Register for Discovery Quest, our gamified approach to October's Month of Discovery event series